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Marketing Research and types with their importance

This is one of the initial and most important functions of marketing, there are total 10 functions of marketing but every functions depends only on marketing research. So, now you must have got some enough idea how important marketing research… Continue Reading →

Branding,Pricing and Advertisement

BRANDING, PRICING, ADVERTISEMENT… Today we are going to discuss on three topics of marketing which are: Branding Pricing Advertisement So, let’s begin with the first topic which is . . . . BRANDING BRANDING WHAT IS BRANDING??? Branding is the… Continue Reading →


MARKET SEGMENTATION   The national market of any country is very wide. Therefore, the producers of such goods need not to concentrate on a specific group of buyers or a distinct market. This suggests that the market is not a… Continue Reading →

Marketing Strategies

MARKETING STRATEGIES What is Marketing Strategy? Marketing strategy is a plan of action to educate their customer about product and to promote product to attract more and more customer In Today’s time there are many modern and traditional marketing strategies… Continue Reading →


 8 TYPES OF MARKETING Mainly there are 8 types of marketing:- Traditional marketing Digital marketing Inbound marketing Outbound marketing Content marketing Product marketing Relationship marketing Targeted marketing Let’s discuss those in detail:- Traditional Marketing:- traditional marketing means any marketing which… Continue Reading →

Basic Concepts of Marketing

  BASIC MARKETING CONCEPTS YOU MUST KNOW   Marketing activity can be conducted into different concepts. The central idea of these concept is that consumers’ need should be identified and products that directly satisfy their needs should be produced. But… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Marketing

In the modern age products and services are produced in anticipation of demand, and so the producer try to create demand, otherwise, he will have to close business sooner or later. No business can last long unless it is able… Continue Reading →

7 marketing principles

7 MARKETING PRINCIPLES   7 marketing principles defines as set of tactics which is used by an company or organization. It also includes function of selling , assembling ,standardization , insurance , advertising and etc. It can be described in… Continue Reading →

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